What is SAR Value and how to check?

Do you know what is SAR Value? Do you use a mobile phone a lot? If the answer to this question is yes then you must know about SAR Value. Because it is a dangerous bell for us just like the bell of a phone. And some wise man has said that it is good for us to be alert to danger. As we all know that nowadays Mobile Phone has become a part of our life. It is time that we are already familiar with the danger caused by it.

Various Electromagnetic Waves are required for Mobile Communication. To send and receive such signals, an antenna is required, with the help of which transmission of these waves (or signals) takes place. Whenever there is a transmission, then some percentage of the signals get radiated in the environment about 10-20%. This is because there is some power in these signals which gets dissipated in coming which is also called mobile radiation.

This radiation level depends on the usage of mobile. SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) value is used to control this radiation level. So Today we will know what is this SAR Value (What is SAR Value in Hindi) and why is it so important. Then what is the delay, let’s start.

What is SAR Value?

The full form of SAR Value is Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), this is a parameter, with the help of which we can measure while using any Electronic Device, how much Electromagnetic Waves are being radiated from it, which is our body. being absorbed by

To measure this rate, it is seen how much power is absorbed in the tissue of our weight. Its standard measurement is measured in Watts per kilogram (W/kg).

What is SAR Value?

This radiation mainly affects two parts of our body the most, one is our head and the other part below the head i.e. torso. Sir, because while talking on the phone, this part is closest to that radiation field.

In these, India and US have standard stuff which is 1.6 Watt per Kilogram (W/kg) which is made with 1 gram of Tissue. Wherein, according to the European standard, 2 watts per Kilogram (W/kg) has been made with 10 grams of Tissue.

There is a lot of misconception among people that a mobile that has a low SAR value is right for us, but I want to tell you that whether the SAR value is high or low, it is a very dangerous thing for us.

Yes, or is it true that the lower the SAR value of a mobile, the less danger it poses to a human being? But remember that for how long you use that mobile, its damage can also be estimated. SAR Value is nothing more than the absorption rate of that radio frequency waves.

How to check SAR Value

As we all know that all mobile phones have a specific SAR value. But now the matter arises, how to know it, do not worry, it is very easy to know it, just have to dial *# 07 # in your mobile, and the SAR value of your mobile will be displayed in front of you on your screen.

How is SAR Testing done?

It must have come to your mind how this SAR testing is done. So let me tell you for your information that for this first a model is prepared exactly like our body in which some things like our tissue are inserted so that an actual human model can be made.

After that radio frequency (RF) is tested in our various organs to check their absorption rate.

That radiation is tested from both sides of our head at different distances so that it can be known at what distance our head absorbs maximum radiation. After doing all such tests, a detailed report is prepared, in this report all the highest SAR values for all frequency bands are mentioned.

After this it is sent for Government Authorization and then if approved then it gets ready to enter the model market of mobile.

How dangerous is radiation for us?

This mobile radiation is very dangerous for us as we all know. But this danger is most dangerous for children, old people, and proud women. Because their body absorbs most of this radiation. That’s why use your mobile phone as little as possible. And if you are doing it, do not leave it attached to your body for a long time because it increases absorption. If you believe me, then definitely use the headphone so that there can be some distance between the phone and us.

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