IPL Retained players List 2022 – All Retain IPL Team Players Prices & Salary

IPL 2022 Retention List: Bidding is done every year for the selection of players in the IPL. IPL players who are bought by different teams. In which India, as well as foreign players, are involved. A retention list of players of IPL 2022 has been released. In today’s article, we are going to give you information about IPL Retention List 2022, IPL 2022 Retention List of all teams, Retain List of IPL 2022, IPL 2022 Players List.

Many people are very big fans of IPL. They eagerly wait for the match. Every spectator has a favorite IPL team. Now we have prepared this article for you to tell them which team will participate in which team in the IPL match to be held in 2022. In this IPL 2022 Retention List has been given where every IPL Team have been told. So let’s get started.

IPL Retained players List 2022

IPL 2022 Player Retaination List

When players from different teams are selected in IPL. So different rules have been prescribed for that. Whenever a team selects players, it returns some players. Written means the players who were selected in the team last year. The same players should be retained in the team this year as well.

Talking simply, the list of players who are retained for last year as well as for this year is called IPL Retention List. Let us tell you that any team can keep a maximum of 4 players on this Retention List. So there are some rules for this too. So let us now know about the IPL Retention List Rules.

IPL 2022 Retention Rules

Retaining players in the IPL team makes a huge difference to the team’s budget. Each team has an amount of 90 crores for the auction of players. From this amount, all the players of the team are selected. Each team can retain up to 4 players. There are some rules made by the board on the retention of players for the IPL team. Let’s See those Rules…

1. Team’s expenditure on retaining 4 players

Whenever a team retains 4 players, the team’s expenditure is 42 crores. On the return of 4 players, the first player has to pay 16 crores, the second player 12 crores, the third player 8 crores, the fourth player has to pay 6 crores.

2. Team’s expenditure on retaining 3 players

If a team retains its three players. So in such a situation, the cost of the team is ₹ 35 crores. Whenever a team retains its three players. So ₹ 15 crores to the first player give a salary of ₹ 11 crores to the second player and ₹ 7 crores to any player.

3. Team expenses for retaining 2 players

When any team retains two of its players. So in such a situation, the expenditure of the team is 24 crores. The team has to pay Rs 14 crore to the first player and Rs 10 crore to the second player.

4. Team’s expenditure on retaining a player

If anyone returns one of its players. So in such a situation, the team has to pay Rs 14 crore to the player as salary.

Retained Player list of IPL 2022

On 30 November 2021, all the teams have released the list of their retention players: All the teams have released the list of their respective players regarding the IPL to be held in the year 2022. Some of this year’s IPL 2022 Retention List is as follows.

IPL TeamRetained PlayerTotal Price
Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)1- Virat Kohli (Rs 15 crore)
2- Glenn Maxwell (Rs 11 crore)
3- Mohammad Siraj (Rs 7 crore)
Rs. 57 crore
Mumbai Indians (MI)1- Rohit Sharma (Rs 16 crore)
2- Jasprit Bumrah (Rs 12 crore)
3- Suryakumar Yadav (Rs. 8 crores)
4- Kieron Pollard (Rs 6 crore)
Rs. 48 Crore
Punjab Kings (PBKS)1- Mayank Agarwal (Rs 14 crore)
2- Arshdeep Singh (Rs 4 crore)
Rs. 72 Crore
Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)1- Kane Williamson (Rs 14 crore)
2- Abdul Samad (Rs 4 crore)
3- Umran Malik (Rs 4 crore)
Rs. 68 Crore
Chennai Super Kings (CSK)1- Ravindra Jadeja (Rs 16 crore)
2- MS Dhoni (Rs 12 crore)
3- Moeen Ali (Rs 8 crore)
4- Ruturaj Gaikwad (Rs 6 crore)
Rs. 48 Crore
Delhi Capital (DC)1- Rishabh Pant (Rs 16 crore)
2- Axar Patel (Rs 9 crore)
3- Prithvi Shaw (Rs 7.50 crore)
4- Enrique Nortje (Rs 6.50 crore)
Rs. 47.5 Crore
Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)1- Andre Russell (Rs 16 crore)
2- Varun Chakraborty (Rs 8 crore)
3- Venkatesh Iyer (Rs 8 crore)
4- Sunil Narine (Rs 6 crore)
Rs. 48 Crore
Rajasthan Royals (RR)1- Sanju Samson (Rs 14 crore)
2- Jos Buttler (Rs 10 crore)
3- Yashashvi Jaiswal (Rs. 4 Crore)
Rs. 62 Crore

What is IPL 2022 Retention?

Each team can retain a maximum of 4 players during IPL Retention 2022. In this, a maximum of 3 Indian cricketers, 2 foreign cricketers, and two Uncapped Indian Crickets could be retained.

How many teams will participate in IPL 2022?

A total of 10 teams will participate in IPL 2022. Two new IPL teams have been created in Ahmedabad and Lucknow in 2022. There were a total of 8 teams in 2021, whose IPL Retention List 2022 has been given here. Apart from this, Ahmedabad and Lucknow will also be on the IPL team in the year 2022. This year, along with the old eight teams, two new teams from Ahmedabad and Lucknow have also been selected.

IPL 2022 Retention List (Video)

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